The Importance of Communication in E-Commerce

The process of buying and selling in e-commerce certainly cannot be separated from communication that occurs between the seller, customer, and platform/e-commerce itself. According to Unlock Customer Obsession by Tying Business Features to Outcomes, 72% from 502 online shoppers that they surveyed are more likely to shop frequently with retailers or sellers who they can communicate with. […]


Chat as an E-Commerce Solution

In today’s world, Communication represents a big part of business revenue. Many new e-commerce businesses are getting inventive regarding their strategy to encourage interaction between customer and seller, also between customer and company customer service. One of those strategies is using live chat. Live chat is believed will increase e-commerce conversion and improving the effectiveness […]


The first Indonesian complete Chat SDK

Taptalk.io provides a complete SDK (Software Development Kit) chat platform solution for mobile apps and websites. Jakarta, 1 September 2019 – TapTalk.io introduces their chat software development kit (SDK) and chat engine service that makes it easy for developers to add chat features to the mobile apps and websites. TapTalk.io became the first Indonesian company […]


Mobile In-app Chat Library – Build or Buy?

Number of people using mobile messenger is growing really fast, with annual growth exceeding 15% and monthly active user more than 5.800 million users in April 2019. With this potential, so many startup initiate to put in-app chat to their own apps, and delivering their user a new and better way to interact. Then the […]

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